"Atavat Turkmenistan" magazine was distributed at the Permanent Neutrality Conference

August 19, 2016

“Atavat Turkmenistan” International Magazine “20. Year Permanent Neutrality “Special Issue is published. Permanent Neutrality of the 20th Anniversary events and international conferences state dozens of countries from Turkmenistan due and heads of government, foreign missions and international organizations’ senior representatives, like this, the distribution of Turkmenistan’s most active state and private sector executives being done effectively Atavat Turkmenistan to institutions and organizations that support the latest issue of the magazine, thanks to their venerable manager. Atavat Turkmenistan Journal of the National Airline company Turkmenistan and every month an average 100b of people end the türkmenhavayolları in has started the distribution, particularly in Ashgabat on scheduled domestic and international flights, including International Airport has also started to be distributed. Journal of Atavat that Turkmenistan is also provided free of charge to all the hotels in Turkmenistan and are brought to the attention of the guests.

Atavat Turkmenistan to provide support to the International Magazine,

– Establishment of the most influential and prestigious in-company promotion are made,

– To support the promotion of Turkmenistan’s international space,

– A social project being supported,

– It provides support to the promotion of Turkmenistan provides known by top management.

Atavat Turkmenistan magazine is distributed free 75,000 so far, 13 special issue was published.

Us Magazine, until now, the heads of State and Government have supported his writings managers of international organizations.

Our magazine is a magazine that announced to the world the official Twitter account of the United Nations.

You can follow any number of our magazine in www.atavatan-turkmenistan.co sites online.