The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting with heads of the American “General Electric” and Turkish “Çalyk Enerji”

August 24, 2016

The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting with Ricardo Cordoba, the head of American “General Electric”, and Ahmet Chalyk, the head of the Turkish “Çalyk Enerji”. The two companies were entrusted to construct a new unique facility of the domestic power industry in Mary province.
Expressing gratitude for the given confidence to construct the country’s first combined steam-gas power plant, the businessmen highlighted every possible interest in further strengthening of positions in the perspective Turkmen market.
Welcoming these intentions, the Head of the State emphasized that Turkmenistan counts on involvement of the best world experience and widespread introduction of innovative technologies.
The concept of power branch development of Turkmenistan for the period 2013-2020 provides for the construction of 14 gas-turbine power plants. Four of them were already put into operation in Akhal, Lebap and Mary provinces. Two more modern gas-turbine power plants are under construction in Darvaza district of the Akhal province and Beyik Turkmenbashi district of Lebap province. The general capacity of the stations to be brought into commission within 2013-2015 will make up over 1458 megawatts.
Within the program of comprehensive industrialization of the country until 2030, it is planned to build tens of billions of US dollars’ worth industrial enterprises. To cover their needs and increase the export volumes of electric power, it is necessary to increase generation capacities respectively.
While supporting the efforts of international community towards reduction of greenhouse gases, our country regularly proceeds to «green economy», usage of modern ecologically friendly and resource-saving technology in the industry, as well as, in oil and gas, power industry and transport sectors. The embedding to the sector innovations, as well as huge stock of natural gas in the depths of the country facilitates to the effective solution of tasks which are in the strategic sector of economy. The natural gas is very efficient and ecologically safe type of fuel for the electric power stations at present.